Our full-day accelerated Kindergarten program exceeds all others in the area. You have entrusted your most precious possession to our care, education, and guidance. We do our very best to prove worthy of that trust. We are delighted to create a happy, healthy, nurturing and loving environment. Our Kindergarten classroom is designed to enhance and develop the natural learning ability of your precious child. Our learning program is individually designed to challenge each child according to their own age and ability.

Our curriculum ensures that your child is completely prepared in all of the educational disciplines, but more importantly, at Elite we value the personal worth and dignity of every child. Our kindergarteners learn to respect every person and value each day.

Our program includes language arts, reading readiness, fine arts, foreign language, and music appreciation. Our kindergarten learning program is excellent in developing listening skills, phonemic awareness, number readiness, computers, science, arts, foreign language and music development.

“Children learn what they live.”

Program Highlights
Learning: Children learn likenesses and differences in colors, shapes, pictures, and letters. They continue to develop vocabulary through listening and speaking and following oral directions. They learn to identify and use spatial concepts and produce from memory the details, sequence and main idea of a story or poem (literacy skills).

Writing: Children continue to perfect writing their letters and numbers. They practice proper writing posture and learn capital and lowercase letter recognition. The children learn to write their proper full name using capital and lowercase letters; recognizing that a name begins with a capital letter

Reading: Our kindergarteners are avid readers. Our reading program charts the books our children read so we can monitor their success and keep them excited about reading

Music: Music enhances a child’s ability to develop rhythm, cadence, and assists in reading readiness and memory skills. Our curriculum is very musically oriented. Bells, tambourines, horns, and other instruments are part of every day activities. Dancing and exercising to the sound of music is another part of our enrichment program.

Exercise: Exercise contributes to mental awareness and strengthens the body and core muscles. It strengthens and contributes to mental awareness.

Art: Our children love art; painting, coloring, drawing, arts & crafts, sewing, etc. Art is the expression of each child’s natural ability to view a place, person, or object according to their own perception.

Nature Walks: Our children love nature walks and love to gather parts of nature like leaves, rocks, sticks, flowers, and grass. We appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Children love to pick flowers.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is key in our children’s growth. Building strong bodies, minds, and stimulating mental awareness is our daily focus. We serve whole nutritional foods. Our children learn the four different food groups. All meals are home-cooked, nutritious and delicious.

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